Water Edit

Water is a magic school that focuses on Healing and emotional understanding.  Packet delivered Water spells require blue packets.

Circle 1 Edit


Packet delivered Knockdown effect. Target must kneel for 10 seconds and must take a 3-count to get back up.

Accelerate Healing

Touch activated. Adds one level of healing to target and lasts until sunset.

Sense Emotion

Point and click. Detect emotion in target.

Breathe Water

Touch activated. Allows target to Breathe Water for 60 minutes

Purify Water

Removes corruption, poison, and disease from water.

Circle 2 Edit

Heal Minor Wound

Touch activated. Instantly Heals one limb wound, but cannot be used on a torso wound.

Cleanse Toxin

Touch activated. Removes Lesser Poison and Disease from target.


Packet delivered. Binds the target's hands.

Lesser Poison

Packet delivered Lesser Poison effect. Target is diseased and must be administered an antidote before using any skills or abilities.

Lesser Ice Skin

Triggered Water Dart on next Source of Damage

Circle 3 Edit

Decanter of Life

The caster enchants a bottle or glass of water to grant Accelerate Healing to those who drink liquid from it.  Caster must be carrying the container where the enchantment ends when the bottle leaves the casters hand or the container runs out of water.

Heal Wound

Touch activated. Instantly Heals torso wound.

Instill Emotion

Touch activated. Instills emotion into a target. Lasts for 1 hour.

Ice Gauntlet

The caster gives the target a resist to Disarm effect and causes 1 pt of damage to target.

Guardian of the Seas

Add 1 to TDL for all Physicians Guild Abilities. This spell does not stack, and is caster only.

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