Warcrafter's Guild Edit

Armorsmith, Rangecraft, Weaponsmith Edit

Amongst the oldest of professions, war crafters hold the balance of life and death in their hands. Their creations determine victory or defeat on the battlefield. The true smith pours his entire heart and soul into all of his creations. Laziness and slovenliness then become the true enemies. For the shoddy warcrafter can cause more harm than the sharpest of weapons.

Regional Headquarters: Vikaa'ra

Racial Callings: Ragna'ar

Areas of Influence: Armorsmith, Rangecraft, Weaponsmith


1: You are the last bastion of tradition and contemporary values. Hold onto the wisdom of your forefathers and share their wisdom with the younger generations.

2: Your forge is your temple; keep the fire bright, your tools sharp, and ensure that all your creations are made to the highest standards.

3: Never forget that you hold people's lives in your hands. Your heritage such that it is a solemn affair and a closely guarded birth rite. Treat the wisdom of the forge with the reverence and respect it deserves.

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