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Tinker's Guild[]

Alchemy, Engineering, Gunsmith[]

Tinkers take the ordinary and make it extraordinary and bizarre. This is done to advance science and bring about wondrous new technologies. Change is a constant to the tinker, and they are always trying to create something bigger, better, faster, and newer. Sometimes their advancements are quiet and subtle, they are game changing inventions. But more often than not they are not; their inventions are resounding sounds of thunder and fire. Tinkers ultimately have to realize that the field they are in is not only cutting edge, but also perilous. The tools they create today can have a lasting impact for good or for ill on society. Or as a great safe once said; "No boom today, always boom tomorrow."

Regional Headquarters: Amari'z

Racial Callings: Humans

Areas of Influence: Alchemy, Engineering, Gunsmith


1: You are the vanguard of forward thought, embrace change and be a pioneer in your field.

2: Create real progress in your lifetime; strive to invent new technology that will advance society.

3: The resounding sound of your order is a cacophony of ideas; be the brave soul that can bring order to this chaotic discord.