Thieves' Guild Edit

Espionage, Gambler, Stealth Edit

Things that go bump in the night are often attributed to the Thieves' Guild. Generally despised by the common folk, thieves fulfill a strange niche in society. As observers and operative of the night, they hold the pulse of the city in their hands. Knowing when to tug on the strings to induce chaos, or to act as a release valve, to restore order, is the dichotomy of what it means to be a thief. You have to manage your resources and be patient; for you cannot impoverish an entire city without dire consequences and far ranging repercussions. To act as a thief is to operate in the night and be faceless, no one should know your name.

Regional Headquarters: Unknown (Rhukichii)

Racial Callings: Kaliska

Areas of Influence: Espionage, Gambler, Stealth


1: Thieves are generally not viewed on with favor, as such keep your membership in the guild secret. Openly admitting that you are in the thieves guild places not only your in jeopardy, but also places others in peril.

2: The Guild's law is absolute and respect is not only expected of its members, but demanded. You are to respect higher ranking guild members and obey them without question. To flout guild law is to court death.

3: You are not alone in the dark, thieves are everywhere. As such do not poach another thief's turf and operate without restraint. The Guild works best on commission and with discretion.

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