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The Crafter

The Craftsman

The Four Stewards Edit

The Four Stewards were known in ancient times prior to the fall of magic to be individuals of nigh on infinite power who watched over the wellbeing of Othonia in various ways, each corresponding to a season of the year when their powers were the strongest. The Stewards belong to the seasons - and the seasons to them - as follows: The White Lady (Winter), The Craftsman (Spring), The Huntress (Summer) and the Black Lord (Autumn). 

History Edit

The Crafter, however, is rarely referenced at all.

Nearly all references to the Stewards stop around the fall of magic around one-thousand years ago. One phrase that does crop up often enough when they are mentioned - both before and after the fall of magic - reads as follows:

"Qui autem electionem eligendum. Qui non solum electio crudelitate nusquam appareant crudelitate, sed nec ob benevolentiam faciunt speciem species suas".
The phrase is written in Ancient Miu, and after a few days of work, you translate it to mean:
"Those who have a choice must choose.  Those who have no choice may never act in cruelty simply for the appearance of being cruel, but neither may they act in kindness simply for the appearance of being kind."

Interaction Edit

"The Crafter has his research facility separate from the mortal realm, and rarely leaves. As such, contact with him is severely limited and indirect. He is a Grand Master of all crafting skills known to mortals. One may earn his favor and seek instruction from him to hone their skills. Miu, specifically, must have permission directly from The White Lady in order to apprentice, as they are under her protection."

-M, 1714

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