The Realm of the White Lady.

Crossing into the Spirit World Edit

Entering another Realm (Dream, Spirit, Mirror, etc) will have a one minute Ritual requirement unless the spell or artifact the caster is using states otherwise.  If you are preparing to enter another realm, you must Concentrate for one minute and then include a Three Second count to crossover.  "Going into the Spirit World 1, Going into the Spirit World 2, Going into the Spirit World 3."  If any spell effects, packet or otherwise, melee attacks, or skills effect you during this count, the crossover fails and you MUST remain in the current realm.

The Three Faced Guardian Edit

A guardian of the river of souls. Should you choose to take a soul, he asks that you do so in fair trade. He will barter the soul of the one you seek, for a soul that he seeks. Only one of Pure Soul may hope to make this arrangement.

Note: this might not be the only being you must negotiate with. Recovering souls from the Spirit World has only been successfully done once by the "Heroes of Skyfall."

The FerrymanEdit

Immortal who escourts souls to the Spirit World.

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