Scholar's Guild Edit

Diplomat, Historian, Librarian Edit

Erudite individuals with a knack for solving problems. Scholars come in all shapes and sizes, but are amongst the most learned of people. Whether it be researching problems, cataloging history, fixing peoples problems, or solving complex equations, scholars can be counted on to provide the intellect necessary to get the job done.

Regional Headquarters: Ejheria

Racial Callings: Fayren, Syrene

Areas of Influence: Diplomat, Historian, Librarian


1: Honesty, diplomacy, and humility are your mottos.

2: you are a witness and participant to history; limit your causality, record the story, and archive it.

3: The law is your guide and treatise are sacred. Conduct all negotiations, with honor, respect and discretion.

Admission into this guild grants a single extra downtime session (IBGA) useable only for a skill associated with this guild.

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