Physician's Guild Edit

Apothecary, Psychology, Surgeon Edit

Oath bound to aid the sick and the wounded, the physician's guild deal with the broken, the injured, and the dying. Viewing diseases as the true enemy, the Physician's Guild attempts to rise above petty politics and international borders. To their eyes all life is sacred and the quality of life is of paramount importance. Anything that destroys life, corrupts the soul, or poisons the mind is viewed as anathema.

Regional Headquarters: Ejheria

Racial Callings: Cochotl, Miu

Areas of Influence: Apothecary, Surgeon, Psychology


1: See no evil. A physician does not see age, nature, race or nationality; instead he only sees a creature in need. Render treatment to all equally regardless of their origins.

2: Hear no evil. Words spoken between you and your patient are held in the utmost confidence. Never betray this trust and be willing to take these secrets to the grave.

3: Do no evil. By action or inaction a physician will harm none. Anyone seeking medical help will not be turned away, nor will their care be abandoned.

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