Patrician's Guild Edit

Merchant, Socialite, Tactician Edit

Members of the Patrician's Guild are blessed. They may not have physical wealth, but they have the breeding and mannerisms of the affluent. They navigate society not by strength of arms, but by influence and whispers. They are not afraid to lead; they prefer to set things in motion and then view the results. Timing becomes paramount for this guild and they look for the opportune moment for victory. After all, you are the veiled threat.

Regional Headquarters: Maerisius

Racial Callings: Human, Miu

Areas of Influence: Merchant, Socialite, Tactician


1: You are the velvet scabbard that wields the silver sword. Attempt diplomacy when possible. but do not be afraid of direct action.

2: The ramifications of your actions have long term effects. Remember this as you make decisions that impact people's lives.

3: Keep your allies close and your enemies closer. Be secretive and cryptic and never let your true motives be discovered.

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