Ocean's Fury Edit

Native Culture: Maerisius

Preferred Weapon: Short Sword and Round Shield, Polearm

Preferred Material: Sapphire & Obsidian (dark blue and/or black duct tape)

Reputation Edit

The Ocean's Fury attack as swift and sudden as the rip tide. Always in motion they seem to flow through combat rather than to battle against it. Like a ship caught in a maelstrom so are their enemies often destroyed.

History Edit

The Ocean's Fury are often called so serve with the Maerisian navy, they fight beside the Pyrallian forces as almost equals. Where the Pyrallian are the tip of the sword, The Ocean's Fury are often seen as the shield arm. To believe that however, is to court disaster for they have fought in every major war known and their skill have come from hard training and a long days studying the wars of old.

Abilities Edit

Level 1 - Initiate Edit

Force of the Ocean (attack, contact, strike) - adds +1 damage to a normal strike (adds to base damage of weapon)

Tagline: "Vital Strike X"

Move with the Tide (defense, non-contact) - allows you to dodge one incoming attack of any kind

Tagline: "Dodge"

Level 2 - Apprentice Edit

Undertow (attack, strike)

Tagline: "Knockdown"

Sandblast (defense, self)

Tagline: "Triggered Weapon Break"

Level 3 - Devotee Edit

Siren's Call (attack, point and click) Your song keeps your enemy unable to act, making them defenseless to you.

Tagline: "Natural Stun"

Shadow of the Water (defense, self,) opponent's weapon passes through your body as if you were the water itself, may call "Pass Through - No Effect" to any one strike

Tagline: "Pass Through - No Effect"

Masters and Grand Masters (levels 4 and 5) have abilities known only to the practitioners who have obtained those levels (Find Out in Play). Possibilities may be discovered via in play information and rumors, or may be hinted at in various legends, lore, and stories told around campfires and at the bedsides of children. The truth is a closely-guarded secret, and such tales are just as likely to be hearsay and exaggeration as the actual reality. Such is, as always, the stuff of legends, and a wise Master or Grand Master will allow people to make all the assumptions they wish.

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