Nightwalker Heart

Classification: artifact

Threat level: moderate to high

Preliminary knowledge:

Walker's Heart - They Who Walk Beyond - allows the bearer to summon and command the Nightwalker associated with the Heart and can also be used to destroy the same Nightwalker.  This item is seldom kept on its person and it often concealed in a secure location for just this reason.

Research notes:

Aside from the fact it seems ridiculously difficult to damage despite its mundane construct, there doesn’t seem to be the slightest bit of special properties to it.  However, introducing the item to water proves this observation wrong. Submersion in water causes the item to spark in a sickly blue-green light illuminating countless sigils and glyphs all along and around the item.  Researcher could not decipher what they say, as they seem to move and shift into different configurations constantly and worse. Looking at them very nearly made the Researcher sea sick, but when it was removed from the water, not only was it completely dry but the symbols vanished as if they were never there.  Dropping it into the water on purpose causes the same results to occur each time; except when one attempts to drop it into any water that is hotter than lukewarm.  When that is tried, it always freezes the water solid and one has to wait for it to thaw out before the item can be retrieved.

[scrawled in cursive at the bottom]

I would take the utmost care in trying to reproducing these effects my darlings as poking too much at it may earn you an unwanted voice in your mind.

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