Legendary creatures. Myths come from each continent of those who walk within the mist. Origins unknown. Masterful potions crafters. Healers. Hermits. Night-dwellers. No direct contact with mortal races for over 1000 years. Developed own Magic and language, though some speak the Common Tongue.

Locations Edit

Mist Walkers can be found on each continent, preferring the high mountain ranges, which affords them the most isolation from mortal races. Fur colors show regional variation.

Contact Edit

Mist Walkers do not engage in direct contact with mortal races, as they resoundingly do not trust them. It is untested if a magical Whispered Message will reach them, as verbal communication is not always their way. Ritualistic offerings have been left at the mist's edge and been accepted.

Nightwalkers Edit

Mortal enemy. Mist Walkers seek balance within the world, and fight a constant battle against the spread of corruption.

Stories Edit

How the Moon was able to touch the Sun, but only just once and yet on that day all injuries no matter how old or how bad were healed throughout the world, and it was the one day every person knew peace.

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