Where Mirror Magic originates. Crossing into this realm can also cause the inverse of personality, abilities, and fears. Many creatures are territorial and not fond of conversation, and will issue a Dominance Challenge.

Known Inhabitants Edit

The Mad Hatter

Isaac LaTigo

Yukina (former)

"?" - Creatures that come after you for seven years when you break a mirror.

"?" - Creatures that like gems, jewelry, and gemforge weapons.

Crossing into the Mirror Realm Edit

"Any reflective surface is technically a portal in between Realms, however, one portal is not like the other. Currently, the number of portals has been severely limited due to increasing instability within the realm. Its inhabitants are caging these destructive creatures within the Realm by limiting their access to the Mortal Realm."

-M, 1715

Entering another Realm (Dream, Spirit, Mirror, etc) will have a one minute Ritual requirement unless the spell or artifact the caster is using states otherwise.  If you are preparing to enter another realm, you must Concentrate for one minute and then include a Three Second count to crossover.  "Going into the Mirror 1, Going into the Mirror 2, Going into the Mirror 3."  If any spell effects, packet or otherwise, melee attacks, or skills effect you during this count, the crossover fails and you MUST remain in the current realm.

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