Name: Luminitsa Mu'ltave'rii

Race: Fayren

Culture: Rhuikichiin

Aliases: Jewel of the Desert, Daughter of Dulant

Born of a passionate tryst between a talented Fayren courtesan and Dulant Mu'ltave'rii, Luminitsa was brought into this world with luck and charm on her side. She grew up learning the ways of a courtesan at her mother's feet. Always a precocious young thing, she already had already left an impressive trail of suitors, conquests, and broken hearts in her wake. One day wanderlust caught hold of the young girl and she left her mother's caravan in Ehjeria and set out to see the world. Firmly a member of the Patrician's guild, she set out, traipsing her way across the different lands, taking in the different kinds of art and beauty each had to offer. One day she caught wind of a possible location of her father. Things were becoming a tad dull where she was, so she decided to see how much of the stories she had heard of him were true. After all, what's life without a little adventure?

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