Jewelcrafter's Guild Edit

Gemcrafting, Gem Forge, Geologist Edit

You are the privileged few, your gifts allow you to work with objects that can barter a king's ransom. As befitting your skill, you are the authority on gems, jewels, and jewelry. The richness of your craft sets you apart from others and grants you great prestige. However be warned; the greater your prestige, the greater the pressure to excel. You may find yourself cutting a stone for the elite, and their wrath knows no bounds for failure.

Regional Headquarters: Vikaa'ra

Racial Callings: Ragna'ar

Areas of Influence: Gemcrafting, Gemforging, Geologist


1: Your reputation must be beyond reproach; craft quality and dependable products.

2. Strive for excellence; your art is where elegance and function intersect. Be both beautiful and bold in all ventures.

3. Your abilities must be as sharp and multifaceted as the stones you carve. Never be afraid to try something new and different for the sake of your art.

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