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Homecrafter's Guild[]

Artificer, Culinary Arts, Outfitter[]

Home is where the hearth is; where civilizations are founded, and where the fires of a nation burn brightest. Homecrafters form the base pillars of society, yet are often overlooked. They are the unsung heroes in every village that create the items for the comforts of everyday life.

Regional Headquarters: Tecuanitzl

Racial Callings: Cochotl

Areas of Influence: Artificer, Culinary Arts, Outfitter


Level 1: Innovation and advancement are your blood and bone; add to the knowledge of your field and discover new ways for making life better.

Level 2: Spread the comforts of home and civilization to all corners of the world.

Level 3: In the wake of disaster; come forward, rebuild that which has been destroyed and create a better future.