An Extremely Rare (ER) flower, it grows at the grave of someone who has passed on with a Pure Soul, and even still under very rare circumstances. it is the proximity of the Spirit World that allows it to flourish. There are only three remaining in the world.

Uses and Identification Edit

The Ghost Lily is an additive reagent for Apothecary recipes, and is known for its curative and restorative powers.

It can be identified as a solitary white plant glowing purple where the veil to the Spirit World is thin.

Cultivating Edit

No matter how many times a Ghost Lily is replanted, it is the proximity of the spirit world that allows it to flourish.

Harvesting Edit

Though it can be saved it in such a way that you will be able to harvest it again, you will not be able to do so safely until the following autumn when the veil is thinnest.

One may return at any time during the year to take what remains if you need it. The lily will not die, but if you do so before the following autumn, it will not be as potent, nor can you save any of it for future use.  Once autumn has arrived, it will be whole once more and ready to use as you see fit.

Replanting Edit

The skill, Herbalist (Botany 1, Apothecary 1) is required to replant the Ghost Lily successfully. The Lily must be replanted in the proper location (I.E. where you found it originally),

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