Fire Edit

Fire, being the element of passion, is a magic school for Combat and Divination. Packet delivered Fire spells require red packets.

Circle 1 Edit


Packet delivered Anger effect. Enrages a target forcing them to attack the caster for 10 seconds. If no weapon is available, they must berate,insult, etc the caster.

Fire Light

Light Source that lasts until put out.


Touch activated. Accelerates Healing and Reduces Poison and Disease by 1.

Lesser Fire Skin

Triggered Fire Dart on next source of damage

Inspirational Flame

Reset 1 combat ability

Circle 2 Edit

Fire Arrow

Packet delivered. Deals 3 elemental magic damage.

Ignite Blade

The caster enchants his weapon to add Fire Strike +1 until the weapon leaves the caster's hand. When this happens, the enchantment ends, and weapon is broken.


Break tagged item. The caster must be holding this item.

Grand Insight

As the advantage Intuition.


Point and click target tagged item. The person holding this item must discard this item within 10 seconds or take 5 Fire damage.

Circle 3 Edit


Packet delivered Pain effect for 10 seconds where target must cry out as if in pain and cannot take any action other than fending off a Killing Blow.

Pinpoint Location

Burn a tagged map to find location of subject of inquiry.

Fire Wall

Must be continuously held by concentration by the caster. 5ft long barrier and must be Phys Repped. Anyone who crosses the barrier takes 10 Fire damage.

Fire Skin

Triggered Fire Arrow on next source of Damage


Acts as an Instant Repair on an item. If not repaired properly within 30 minutes, suffers a Destroy effect.

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