Feliciana Estella GimbernardEdit

Gender: Female

Age: 23

Name Edit

As per her caravan's naming traditions, Feliciana name reflects her parent's hopes for her future. Strictly translated her name works out to "a bright star that gifts prosperity" or "born under a happy star".

Profile Edit

The younger sister of Hero of Skyfall Esperetta, Feliciana currently lives with her extended family in the Golden Script Caravan. She is currently apprenticed under her mother as a Merchant and her grandmother as a Socialite .  

Currently, Feliciana has only met her sister twice, once when she was three years old and now twice following the events surrounding the raising of Altea. As such her feelings towards her sister are largely neutral. She has over the years received several gifts and letters from Retta which she treasures, maintaining a collection of souvenirs much like her Great Aunt Melpomene. She gets along well with her family, including her slightly over-protective older brother Darius

Feliciana, like her uncle and great aunt, is possessed of the gift of Divination. Her talent seems to lie in moments of inspiration, revealing to others moments from past and future that they truly need to hear in order to make a decision or choose a path. These visions have increased, coming more often and with greater import, ever since the return of magic to Othonia. 

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