Explorer's Guild Edit

Architect, Cartographer, Mariner Edit

Full of inspiration and wonder, the Explorer's Guild comprises those who are struck with intense curiosity. Explorers fall into two extremes; those who are obsessed with the here and now, and those that are obsessed with the far and wide. Once an explorer is bitten by wanderlust and purpose, they will doggedly hold on to it until their curiosity is satisfied.

Regional Headquarters: Maerisius

Racial Calling: Cochotl, Fayren, Syrene

Areas of Influence: Architect, Mariner, Cartographer


1: Curiosity is your life's blood; to seek is your way.

2: Never limit yourself with physical boundaries; land, sea, or sky uses all of our ways to travel by.

3: Find a way to be remembered. Discover a secret path, river or town; have a building named after you; the sky is not even a limit.

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