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This style is not available at Character Creation, however you can be initiated at any point once in play. Edit

Native Culture: Sheng Tai

Preferred Weapon: Unarmed

Preferred Material: FOIP

Note: You must use a set of white Unarmed Phys Reps that follow the safety and weapon standards as provided in the Combat section of the Rules.  

While starting players cannot start the game with this school, they may purchase it at Character Creation and be inducted at their first game, if a trainer is available and agrees to teach you.  If you train this Martial School, you CAN NOT learn the Phoenix Style School.

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Progression Edit

You MUST maintain a stance of true Neutrality in order to continue walking this path.  Failure to do so WILL result in In-Play consequences.

You MUST be initiated into each circle by a Grand Master teacher.  Each Circle has a mana requirement to achieve before initiation can occur:

Circle 1: 5 mana

Circle 2: 10 mana

Circle 3: 15 mana

Circle 4: 20 mana

Circle 5: 25 mana

Abilities Edit

Circle 1 - Initiate Edit

Earth Dragon Claws - 1 mana or 1 minute of concentration to pull out unarmed Phys Reps

Tagline: "Earth Dragon Claws"

Earth Dragon Skin - 1 mana will grant 1 point of Magical Protection equal to your current circle within the school.

Tagline: "Earth Dragon Skin"

Circle 2 - Apprentice Edit

Fire Dragon Talons - 1 mana grants a Fire Strike 2.  As you progress in the school, you may spend an additional mana for an additional point of damage.

Tagline: "Fire Dragon Talons - Fire Strike X"

Fire Dragon Rage - 2 mana will allow you to ignore the effects of a wound until the end of combat.

Tagline: "Fire Dragon Rage"

Circle 3 - Devotee Edit

Water Dragon Breath - 3 mana will allow the caster to attack with a Greater Poison.

Tagline: "Water Dragon Breath - Greater Poison Strike"

Water Dragon Body - 1 mana will allow the caster a Reduce to damage.

Tagline: "Water Dragon Body - Reduce"

Masters and Grand Masters (levels 4 and 5) have abilities known only to the practitioners who have obtained those levels (Find Out in Play). Possibilities may be discovered via in play information and rumors, or may be hinted at in various legends, lore, and stories told around campfires and at the bedsides of children. The truth is a closely-guarded secret, and such tales are just as likely to be hearsay and exaggeration as the actual reality. Such is, as always, the stuff of legends, and a wise Master or Grand Master will allow people to make all the assumptions they wish.

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