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After nearly a thousand years, the Wayfarers have spoken of new openings within the Periphery. Calls have gone forth from every Nation, seeking those who would join the Explorer’s Guild in discovering new treasures and adventures waiting to be claimed. To some, it is a time of excitement and adventure; when heroes can once again be heroes… For others, it is a time to reflect on ancient worries and half forgotten warnings of that which exists beyond the known world…

Library Rules[]

Only Players may add submissions to the Library. NPCs may add submissions through a member of town that is an upstanding member of the Scholar’s Guild.  Submitted information can be edited with confirmed, more accurate information, and notated by the Editor.  Remember, this is information your player knows or has acquired, and then becomes public knowledge.

Only Players may retrieve information from the Library. NPCs may acquire information from the Library through a member of town that is an upstanding member of the Scholar’s Guild.

Once submitted, information cannot be burned or purged from the Library. There will be serious in-play consequences with the Scholar's Guild.

Recipes can be added to the Library. Recipes added in this manner may be then learned in downtimes. These recipes are shared only with members of town. Guilds are not directly involved. Recipes can be shared through a member of town on behalf of a guild.

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