Blade Dancer Edit

Native Culture: Rhukichii

Preferred Weapon: Twin Falchions (short swords) and Talith

Note: You must have a long scarf (Talith) visible on your person to use any Talith-related skills. The scarf should NEVER actually be swung or used in a combat situation. The ability descriptions are simply in-play "what you see" descriptions of the tag lines.

Preferred Material: Rose Quartz & Hardened Silver (hot pink and/or bright silver duct tape)

Reputation Edit

The blade dancers have a reputation for being quick and lethal, but also mesmerizing in the sheer beauty of their attacks and defenses. Certainly, their school is as much an art as it is a science, as much dance as it is combat, so it is not difficult to tell how they got their name. Most opponents will tell you not to watch their blades, for part of their attack is in the surprise of their enemies not knowing when or where the strike will fall. They are very good at not giving away their target areas, and tend to stay in constant motion.

History Edit

No one, save the school's member,s knows much about their history. Traditionally, it is a gypsy school, taught by the Rhukichiin as a method of survival. As such, they are quite secretive towards outsiders and non-familia. (More information will become available after initiation.)

Abilities Edit

Level 1 - Initiate Edit

Razor Scarf (attack, contact, strike) - adds +1 damage to a normal strike (adds to base damage of weapon)

Tagline: "Vital Strike X"

Dancer's Grace (defense, non-contact, dodge) - allows you to dodge one incoming attack of any kind

Tagline: "Dodge"

Level 2 - Apprentice Edit

Dizzying Blades (attack, non-contact, mind effect) - mesmerize designated target while blades are in steady motion, point and click

Tagline: "Dizzying Blades - Mesmerize"

Slick Hands (cause opponent to Drop designated target item in hand, defense) Tagline: "Drop x-item"

Level 3 - Devotee Edit

Dervish (attack, contact, strike) - adds +3 damage to a normal strike (adds to base damage of weapon)

Tagline: "Vital Strike X"

Veiled Sight (defense, blindness effect, point & click, must declare target w/in 5 feet)

Tagline: "Blind"

Masters and Grand Masters (levels 4 and 5) have abilities known only to the practitioners who have obtained those levels (Find Out in Play). Possibilities may be discovered via in play information and rumors, or may be hinted at in various legends, lore, and stories told around campfires and at the bedsides of children. The truth is a closely-guarded secret, and such tales are just as likely to be hearsay and exaggeration as the actual reality. Such is, as always, the stuff of legends, and a wise Master or Grand Master will allow people to make all the assumptions they wish.

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