Ancient Memory Edit

Rhukichiin characters also take the Disadvantage: Ancient Memory.  This is a Rhukichiin-only mechanic that, for in play purposes, involves the character going into a trance and reciting a pre-scripted plot device.  These notes will be handed out at various times throughout an event, sometimes before the event with a set trigger listed, and sometimes individually as needed to provide clues, prophecies, portents, etc that are useful to the players. 


The tag line is "Voice Effect, Mesmerize, Invoking Ancient Memory" then read the note aloud.  After reading the note, the character is momentarily stunned, then proceeds as normal with the previous activity or sentence as if unaware that they just revealed a prophecy.  This should be roleplayed as staring blankly into space without focus for a moment before and after reciting the passage.  The in-play mechanic is that the Oracle is speaking through you to relay an important message, thus it is crucial that people nearby pay attention.  After reading the note it should be handed back to a plot member immediately.

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