Air Edit

Air is a magic school that focuses on Movement and Combat.  Packet delivered Air spells require yellow packets.

Circle 1 Edit


Packet delivered Silence effect. Lasts 10 seconds where target cannot speak or cast spells.


Packet delivered Disarm effect. Lasts 3 seconds where target must drop their weapon for 3 seconds before retrieving it.

Blessed Wind

Touch activated. The caster's next Vital Strike is +1 damage.

Lesser Air Skin

Triggered Air Dart on next source of damage.

Whispered Message

The caster can deliver messages unhindered on the wind.

Circle 2 Edit

Lightning Arrow

Deals 3 elemental magic damage.


Packet delivered Knockback effect. Target is pushed backward 5 steps.


Packet delivered Stun effect. Target is stunned and can take no action for 10 seconds. May only defend against a killing blow.

Cooling Breath

Touch activated. The caster's next respite will be 5 minutes instead of 10.

Whirlwind Cloak

Triggered Disarm on next source of damage.

Circle 3 Edit


Packet delivered Disarm effect. Target must SAFELY toss weapon at least 5 ft away, and wait 3 seconds before retrieving it.

Shorten Breath

Packet Delivered Weakness effect. Cannot use combat abilities for 1 hour.

Favored Wind

The caster enchants his Ranged weapon to add Air Strike +1 until the weapon leaves the caster's hand. When this happens, the enchantment ends, and weapon is broken.

Lightning Skin

Triggered Lightning Arrow on next source of Damage.

Wind Wall

Must be continuously held by concentration by caster. 5ft long barrier and must be Phys Repped. Stops all Ranged Attacks, including missile and spells.

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