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Quetzalxochitl Tlanextic Edit

The Fiery Throated Hummingbird of Tecuanitzl known as "Shimmer" serves as Herald of Dawn for the Imperial Court of Tecuani under his Royal Highness Emperor Xiuhcoatl. The Herald of Dawn is in addition the current acting diplomatic envoy between the City State of Pyralis and the Imperial Court of Tecuani with the full rights and effects of Pyralian Citizenship. An honorary citizen of Sheng-Tai, Shimmer currently travels with their Crown Prince Lysander Rhymes and the Heroes of Skyfall on leave from the Imperial Court of Tecuani.

Wielder of the Jade Talons of the Avatar Quetzalcoahtl, known as Xochitl in Tecuaniztl, Shimmer is a practitioner of the ancient martial arts known as Dragon Style. The pass between Pyralis and Vikaa'ra known as 'Shimmers Gambit' is named in her honor.


Quetzalxochitl Tlanextic known as Shimmer hatched in the month of May in the year of Tecpatl, the knife, within the land that would later become known as the Zacualco. The first child of her father Xihuitl, a red tailed comet hummingbird, and her mother Izel, a Volcano hummingbird, the two rare birds lived a relatively quiet life in their home outlying one of the small villages along the only stretch of beachhead of the island. Xihuitl the current Herald of Dawn served as one of the village’s warriors and hunters, his wife a herbalist and healer to those in need. Yet the year of Tecpatl 1692 was known by another name. The year of FIRE.

At the Emperor's behest Xihuitl lead the first assault upon the delegation of guild leaders and their Pyralian escort. Forcing the delegation and their escort back to their ships with the swift and vicious attack. At the Pyralian's second attempt to take the beachhead the firebombing forced Xihuitl to split his forces. Leaving his main bulk of warriors to hold the front Xihuitl and a small band retreated in a desperate attempt to save their village that lay directly in the path of the deadly fire. Harrying from the Pyralian front lead to Xihuitl and his band arriving at the village too late. Their homes were up in flame and the Herald returned to find his wife trapped within their burning home. Evacuating the hatchling daughter to the safety of nearby ashes Xihuitl dove once more into the flame to try to save his mate. Before he could succeed however, the structure gave way, collapsing and killing both Xihuitl and Izel.

Leaving the now orphaned Shimmer to be discovered a short ways away asleep among the burnt remains of what had once been her mother's garden. The now lone hummingbird would be taken to The Imperial Palace of the Sun and placed before Emperor Xiuhcoatl. Declared a ward of the Imperial Family Shimmer would later be adopted by Sil the Court Jester and his mate Crane the Imperial Librarian.

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